Great Small Apartment With Everything You Want

When you have a small space, then you have to design it in a smart way that utilizes the space while giving you all what you need in a decorative, comfortable way. This post presents a great small apartment of 58 square meters; it is beautifully designed to give you all what you want in a practical way while having an amazing apartment that feels cozy. The living room is simple but satisfying; white walls and ceiling and parquet flooring are used for a chic bright effect, and a black sofa is placed giving a color contrast with the walls while some colored cushions are added to it to give a colorful touch. A grayish shag rug and two round white nesting tables are placed in front of the sofa to complete the seating area. Against the sofa, there’s a black LCD placed on a wide white table that contains big drawers for storage. Lots of books are stored on the shelf of the table at the two sides of the LCD. A white chair and a bending lamp are found at one corner of the room where you can comfortably sit and read. A wall shelving unit is also used to store different stuff without a mess. This living room is well decorated using portraits and flowers or plants distributed in the room.

The other room found in this apartment is a nice bedroom. The bedroom also has white walls and parquet flooring, while the wall behind the bed has amazing grey wallpaper which makes the place very eye catching. The bed has white bedding with some grey touches to match with the used wallpaper. A small working area is found next to the bed including a small desk and a chair. A small lamp is placed on the desk for extra lighting. A big closet is placed against the bed, and some of its doors are covered with big mirrors, which enlarge the room and help while dressing. Wall shelves are also found for more storage so that you can keep books, paper, etc. Concerning the kitchen, it is very bright and neat. You can see white cabinetry with built in stove, microwave, and refrigerator which come in silver color to make a color contrast with the white cabinetry. The color contrast continues using a black countertop which makes the look really chic. Against the cabinetry, you can see a small kitchen island that also comes in white, while having a wooden countertop. This kitchen island gives a great working surface and includes drawers for more storage spaces and two chairs are added at its two sides so that you can have a quick breakfast or tea. A wooden shelf is added above the kitchen island for more storage to keep kitchen stuff. The kitchen is well decorated using plants everywhere, and some portraits on the wall, as well.

The bathroom is small but amazing. White bathroom appliances are used, and beautiful small square ceramic tiles are used on the walls in white color. The bathroom includes a bathtub and a wall shower faucet, sink, toilet, shelves, and wall hooks for towels. A colorful touch is added in the bathroom through a great idea of having blue square ceramic tiles for the flooring; amazing idea and very suitable for the bathroom. The hallway has amazing pop printed wallpaper that really aids in its decoration, and it has a wall shelving unit with several shelves to store books or other stuff, and wall hooks are found to hang your clothes. An amazing white shoe closet is also placed in the hallway with several shelves to store lots of shoes. This apartment is not done yet; it also includes a balcony where you can enjoy some fresh air. The balcony is full of colors and plants to make it a pleasing outdoor place to stay in for a fresh breeze of air.

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