Green Interior Decorating Ideas for a Beautiful Springy Ambience

The coming of the spring season represents the revival of the nature. In the house, it is the green color that evokes this season; we can use it in every room of the house to brighten up the decoration. If you are interested in a green home decorating full of delight & cheeriness, take a look at the pictures below and you will find many pretty ideas easy to apply. Green color has a multitude of shades; you can choose two different green tones to create a very decorative effect on your wall. The dark color will be placed at the bottom of the wall to create a visual space separation. For a joyful green kid’s bedroom, you can opt for a bright green tone that will bring a very playful spirit in the room. You can also combine it with other bright colors such as red or yellow to highlight the green room decoration.

If you want a very soothing ambience in the bedroom using green, you need to focus on very soft pastel tones. Also for a nice green bedroom decoration, you can choose the dark green shade, almost khaki; this will bring a natural spirit without being too dynamic. Know that in the bedroom, you don’t have to paint walls or change furniture to get this pretty green effect; it will be quite enough to use green in accessories and textiles like bed linen and curtains for example. To bring an adorable natural atmosphere in the living room, you can paint the walls in a subtle green tone and associate it with furniture in natural colors; this way you will create a very sweet ambiance without having a very green living room decoration.

For an original decoration in the kitchen, you can go for a very tangy green; paint the bottom furniture in this green tone and combine it with wood elements to create a very warm spirit. However, to keep on your minimalist kitchen decoration with clean lines, paint the walls in emerald green, which will contrast with the sleek white furniture, then play with green plants to complete the décor; this idea makes you enjoy a natural green kitchen decoration while keeping on its very contemporary look. Know that green decorations can also be used in very small interiors; to brighten up a studio for example, don’t hesitate to use green shades. Even if the space is quite small, simply paint the lower walls in cheerful green and go for decorative accessories in different green tones to bring more vitality to the place.

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