Green Pool Set In A Luxurious Backyard In Blackburn, Australia By Serenity Pools

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The southern hemisphere is known for its weather, and no one capitalizes on that face better than Serenity Pools. Blackburn, a suburb of Melbourne, is the venue for one of Serenity Pools’ exceptional projects. Contrary to some of the other layouts we have seen from Serenity Pools, the Blackburn layout has a masculine overture with its deep fern green pool. The medium maple coloring of the wood veneers provides luxuriance to the space that a lighter toned wood would not be able to accomplish. It is generally believed that a darker color palette should be used when working with smaller outdoor areas to provide intimacy and richness to the place.

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The rectilinear appearance of the water feature compliments the angles and lines found in the architecture of the home, as well as the surfaces surrounding the embankment. Young banana plants potted at either side of the pool impart a tropical quality.

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An invisible glass enclosure grants clear access to views of the outdoor space as contemporary fixtures make for sophisticated leisure at any time of the day or night. Sun loungers alongside a modern pool shower are efficient and functional. The enlarged basin waterfall feature is reminiscent of Asian meditation gardens.

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The wisps of vegetation against a concrete partition provide an essentially needed softness for the design, while the horizontal planking walls contribute to the privacy of the backyard.