Hair Cut Fever Hits Beyoncé With a Dramatic New Pixie Cut

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Early this morning, Beyoncé shocked her fans when they woke up to her Instagram photos of… of… of…. gasp! All her hair was missing! Could it be that a few weeks ago, when the fan grabbed Beyoncé’s hair during her performance of “Halo,” that it was worse than it looked? Oh, you hadn’t heard? It was the other kind of fan, an electric one, so it might have done a lot of damage, but who would know? Sort of like that time she took a tumble down the steps onto the stage, and like the pro we know she is, she kept singing through the pain? Of course, there is may be a simpler explanation. Perhaps the reality of being a mother and having long hair is not as glamorous as the long hair alone was. With her demanding professional schedule, a baby who attracts a lot of her attention, and a busy husband too, spending time on her hair had to come in a distant fourth, don’t you think? Her new do is going to leave her some time for more important things! Do you think Blue Ivy will care? She has known her mother only with long, flowing hair. Will she care?

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I can testify to the distrust a sudden major hairstyle change can provoke in an infant who hasn’t passed the stranger anxiety stage. Blue has probably outgrown that, though, and will be able to welcome her “new” mama after she passes inspection. Beyoncé’s pixie cut is stylish and brings out her best features, such as her eyes. While fans are expressing mixed reactions to the change, it is clear from the photos that Beyoncé is crazy about her new hairstyle. Remember, too, that her Pepsi campaigns have challenged her and the rest of us to make a difference. Who knows? We may learn that a lucky little girl recovering from cancer is the recipient of Beyoncé’s hair!

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