Hammocks that Help Weave a Better Global Future from Trinity Hammocks


There’s very little that’s better than relaxing in a hammock, letting warm breezes drift over you as you sway above the ground, cradled in comfort — unless maybe it’s knowing that while you’re partaking of this luxurious relaxation experience, you’re also helping someone at the same time. Wondering how that can be? Trinity Hammocks is showing the way. They provide different types of hammock options, from triple hammocks under “awning” type canopies— that go with any décor — to “infinity” frames that look as if your hammocks are strung over one giant circle. Their hand-woven weatherproof hammocks are easy-care, making that pampering experience even more so; the way those hammocks are supplied, however, is the ingenious part of this equation.


The hand-woven hammocks you purchase from Trinity are more than handcrafted masterpieces — although they certainly are that, made with attention to detail second to none. But these hammocks, while proposed by Trinity as “the future of relaxation,” were also conceived as a way to help the Malbrii tribe of northern Thailand in their search for new livelihoods. Economic realities being what they are, the availability of sustainable employment can be, at best, a challenge. But making these quality hammocks has enabled the Malbrii people to work toward financial independence within their home villages. This means that families don’t need to be split up, with breadwinners going far away for work as itinerant farm hands in the fields — or, worse, toiling in a sweatshop. Handcrafted work of this quality is a masterpiece in more ways than one…and now, it’s a way to help people halfway around the world.