Handmade Silvered Blown Glass Home Décor by Fratarcangeli and AuBucho

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Daniele Fratarcangeli’s latest series of unique, handmade, silvered lighting and vases is a collection of one-of-a-kind blown-glass creations, signed and dated. One chandelier has arms that are optional, adjustable, and customizable, in colors that include hot pink; another is ethereal, seeming to float above its surroundings with an iridescence that’s irresistible. “Each original piece contains its own unique story,” Fratarcangeli explains, “told during the creation process. Pieces are blown, stretched, pulled, and torched — to describe the most primitive notions. Some forms aspire upward, while others seem to melt into liquefied blobs. These forms mimic traditional objects with alterations such as dents, vivid colors, pokes, and pulls.”

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All of these “poked and pulled” pieces of distinctive art are designed and fabricated in California, by Fratarcangeli and fellow designer, Mari AuBuchon. They approach each work as sculptors, creating design objects for the home to enhance and reflect sophisticated, elegant environments – art that is meant to bridge the gap between art and life in architectural settings. When silvered and placed into people’s lives, these lighting fixtures become more than lights: they become active portraits of the viewers. The reflective quality allows owners to enter the work and see their world through the perspective of the object; the objects are three-dimensional manifestations of moments shaped in time, reflective objects that vibrantly “warp” their surroundings. Above all, the goal is to design and fabricate these works to reflect and multiply the beauty of reality — in myriad forms that touch environments in fresh new ways. [Photos and information provided via email by Daniele Fratarcangeli]

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“Reflecting-and-Multiplying-the-Beauty-of-Reality”-Custom-Made-Glasswork-by-Daniele-Fratarcangeli_5 Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus

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