An HGTV Hit: Mustang Estate, Oklahoma, by Caviness Landscape Design

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This prize-winning pool and landscape project is the result of several months’ work on grottos, a “lazy river” and swim-through tunnel, all executed in the back yard of a new construction by Caviness Landscape Design, at the request of a client with very specific needs. The architects explain: “They wanted to be able to host family and church youth group functions. The client also loves to scuba dive and was open to creative options where he and his wife could utilize this hobby.” In order to accommodate all those aims, the design used the natural background of the lot — a wooded area — and began bringing in man-made boulders and digging an expansive shell for pool, diving area, and a “beach” entry to the water for smaller children.

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Natural waterfalls formed by the boulders proved so popular that, Caviness further explains, “The client expressed a desire to include an additional waterfall lodged between the beach entry and spa, so we included that in the design as well.” Nestled between two of these natural falls is the diving ledge — while tucked in one grotto is a “dry” entertainment center with a 46” television. Surrounding all of this water magic are plantings and pathways — using more than 12,000 square feet of native Oklahoma flagstone — meant to give the feeling of walking through a forest. Finally, a misting system adds drama to the lighted “water show” by night and is enjoyed by all. And when we say “prize winner,” we’re not joking: Mustang Estate’s design earned Caviness a bronze medal in the 2012 APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) International Awards of Excellence.

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