Hi-Tech Kitchen Appliances in Fashionable Retro Look

With the big return of the homemade in our kitchens, we look for most recent appliances like robots to help us in preparing the most delicious meals. And since kitchen appliances are no more with the same ordinary look, they too follow the top of the trend: the retro style! But although the design seems to come from the days of our grandmothers, the performance refers to high technology. Take a look at this collection of fashionable retro appliances for a modern & up-to-date kitchen. In the kitchen, the practical appliances never stop developing. And because their design must be original, the tendency is going to robots of yesteryear. The famous brand Kitchenaid had already opened the door with its robot in which the design is inspired by the first models of 1936. Then Smeg came to bring up the refrigerators in very fifty lines and trendy colors. Since then, all brands offer their lines a retro design. To give a retro style to your kitchen, you can get a refrigerator from Gorenje with rounded lines and retro colors like cream or chocolate. Whether from Rosières or from De Dietrich, you will find ovens and electric hobs also having a retro spirit. And the biggest revolution is in the small appliances like toasters, kettles and other robots taking the look of old time without forgetting recent technology. Finally, for festive meals, Simeo even is offering a range of “Retro Series” including popcorn machines, hot dog machines, chocolate fountains and chocolate workshops inspired by retro American lines to attract both children and adults.

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