H&M Kids “Happy Days Under the Sun” Summer 2013 Collection

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Welcome to a fantastic summer shopping experience with the H&M Kids summer 2013 collection! It features a vibrant mix of colors, ruffles, and prints that include stripes, animal patterns, and butterflies, all designed with a playfulness that suits young children and a price to suit your budget. Your little girls will pounce on tiger-striped shorts sold with a shirt that bears the tiger’s face; for dining out, they may want the zebra-print sundress. For splashing in the surf, they can choose from a selection of swimsuits that includes a one-piece pink tank covered with charming butterflies in blue and yellow and a totally feminine two-piece covered in coral ruffles.

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Wave-jumping or sand-digging little boys may wear surfer-style or Speedo-type swim shorts, from the color palette—lively yellow, several blues, bright white—and sporting the appealing patterns—nautical stripes, tropical print—found in the play clothes. Dry-land wear includes comfortable and attractive shorts, T-shirts, and polo shirts. Gender-neutral sailor hats are available in coordinating colors. Discover the vivid, cheerful ready-to-wear of H&M’s Happy Days under the Sun summer collection—children’s swimsuits, beachwear, and casual clothing at reasonable prices.

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