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  • Made-With-Love-Valentine’s-Day-Ideas-for-Your-Home-Décor_01

    Made With Love: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Home Décor

    Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the “crafty” person in all of us — so, just in time for that special day, here are some easy-to-make décor ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( to dress up your home. Strings of hearts, of course, are probably the number-one accessory for this holiday; make them out of miniature cutouts and wire for a fabulous candle trim, or use larger hearts and yarn or ribbon to decorate a headboard, mantel, mirror, or...

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  • Big-Wishes-from-Little-Hands-Crafts-for-Your-Kids’ Valentines_02

    Big Wishes from Little Hands: Crafts for Your Kids’ Valentines

    If your kids are always looking to “make something,” Valentine’s Day might be one of their favorite days of the year; it lends itself to so many fun crafts, as shown in these ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( Want to get your kids off to a terrific start? Take a handful of white cutout hearts and write secret messages on them with crayon, then hide the hearts around the house for your kids to find. Have watercolor paints...

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  • “Hand” -Your-Valentine-Warm-Wishes-You’ve-Made-Yourself!_08

    Give Your Valentine Warm Wishes You’ve Made Yourself!

    If you’re one of those “crafty” people, you probably love putting together handmade cards and décor for all kinds of holidays; even if you’re not normally crafty, however, Valentine’s Day often brings out the kid in all of us, along with the red paper, frills, and glitter. Here are some terrific ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( for sweet messages you can give to those “sweeties” in your life. You can make accordion-folded lettering that says “I LOVE YOU”...

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  • Tis-the-Season-for-Great-Christmas-Trees-from-Our-Fans!_13

    Great Christmas Trees from Stylish Eve Facebook Fans!

    Our Facebook page has fans…LOTS of fans, as we found out when we invited you to send in pictures of your Christmas decorations. Here are a few we’ve enjoyed so far! Little trees are perfect for small spaces — with Santa figurines beneath them, making up a lighted elf’s “body,” gracing an apartment window or a cozy corner, and even as a “junior” version of a big tree. Trees often show up with electric trains, mini-villages, or teddy bear collections...

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  • Play-Up-Your-Red-Christmas-Décor-for-a-Warm-Holiday!_33

    Play Up Your Red Christmas Décor for a Warm Holiday!

    If your interiors sport a lot of red, you’re in luck once Christmastime comes; you can get some “instant” holiday spirit with just a few additions to what’s already a bright, cheery base. In a paneled den with rich red curtains, hang wreaths or “snowflakes” on the window; stars can flicker from a chandelier, a garland grace a mantel, and special Yule rugs grace the hearth. Red ornaments and green garlands look stunning against a modern white fireplace — or,...

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  • Dream-Yuletide-Décor-for-Your-Festive-Living-Room_04

    Dream Yuletide Décor for Your Festive Living Room

    For many of us, the living room is the center of Christmas: it’s where we put up the tree, where we entertain, or where we get our visit from Santa Claus! Give your living room a real Christmas feel with some of these ideas from Better Homes & Gardens ( For a stately formal living room, understated Christmas décor is the key: make the tree the focal point of the room, decorated with vintage and family ornaments, and keep the...

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  • Quick-Christmas-Treats-For-All-Your-Cookie-Monsters_7

    Quick Christmas Treats For All Your Cookie Monsters

    Got cookie monsters in your house? Keep them happy this Christmas with a wide variety of goodies done the easy way, as in this selection of suggestions from Better Homes & Gardens ( The basic sugar cookie gets dressed up all kinds of ways here: with frosting “paper and bows,” red-hot cinnamon candies, and green icings and trims on tree shapes. Snickerdoodles are among the first cookies many people learn to make — and used as a sandwich cookie with...

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  • A-Colorful-Garden-of-Christmas-Garland-Ideas_03

    A Colorful Garden of Christmas Garland Ideas

    What says “Christmas” better than a graceful length of evergreen draped along a banister or stair rail — or framing your front door? Garlands can be in these places and more, as you’ll see in this selection of images from Better Homes & Gardens ( Start with boxwood or any outdoor greenery as a base, and add ornaments that complement the color of your front door — secured with a matching or complementary ribbon at the corners, it’s an undeniably...

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  • Truly-Expressive-Christmas-Trees-Make-Your-House-Merry-and-Bright!_01

    Make Your House Merry and Bright: Truly Expressive Christmas Trees

    Very few things can evoke so much warm feeling as putting up the Christmas tree every year — and if you have a tree that’s “you” through and through, it’s all the more enjoyable. Here are a bevy of ideas for expressing your personality in the way you do up your tree, as featured at Better Homes & Gardens ( Are you an all-American girl? You might love a tree done up with Stars & Stripes, Early American-style angels, and...

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  • Sweet-Treats-Christmas-Cookies-with-Fruit-Cream-and-Spice_1

    Sweet Treats: Christmas Cookies with Fruit, Cream, and Spice

    At Christmastime, cookie exchanges and recipe-swap parties are everywhere; if you’ve got one (or several) coming up, try a few of these crowd-pleasing alternative Christmas cookies that go way beyond gingerbread, as featured at Better Homes & Gardens ( Are there lemon lovers in the house? Make a Lemony Star Sandwich cookie with lemon curd and mascarpone cheese for a crunchy outside and chewy citrus inside. You can choose 7-layer bars for a little taste of sweet, tart, and crunchy...

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