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Turn your house into the best place for living, by getting all the inspiration you need for your home design. All design and decorating ideas for all rooms of the house are available, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Integrate the décor of your house using our great ideas on lighting, walls and floors, window treatments, DIY decorating ideas, and more. Know how to design your whole apartment, no matter what its space is, with our awesome apartments that show you all details. Big houses are also included here in order to show you how to design every room, as well as the yards.

  • Southlake-Residence-by-Jauregui-Architects-1

    Elegance in Texas at the Southlake Residence by Jauregui Architects

    This stunning home and outdoor entertaining area by Austin, Texas’s Jauregui Architects, is located on three acres that host their own meandering creek as well as an inviting pool and spa. As the architects describe it, “The elegant open floor plan features movable glass walls at the great room, dining, kitchen, breakfast and game room that accentuate the outdoor connection with the terrace and pool.” From the very first moment you enter through wrought-iron gates with subtle lantern lighting, the...

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  • The Doc Sofa Bunk Bed looks like your ordinary sofa

    Innovative Multifunctional Sofa by Designer Giulio Manzoni Transforms into a Bunk Bed in Only 12 Seconds

    [caption id="attachment_406702" align="aligncenter" width="3202"] A Sofa Transforms into Bunk Beds in 12 Seconds[/caption] There is an increasing need in our modern world to solve the problem of limited space in contemporary homes and apartments. As a consequence, multifunctional furniture has become the perfect solution. The masterful architect, Giulio Manzoni, has come up with a design that’s both ingenious and beautiful at the same time. A scholar who graduated with honors from the University of Milan Polytechnic, Spain, he invented the Doc...

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  • Bohemian-Style-Tween-Room-from-Olamar-Interiors_01.jpg

    Funky, Colorful Haven for a Tween Girl from Olamar Interiors

    Eclectic, bright, and funky: that’s this “tween” room with a “bohemian” touch, designed for a young lady with artistic flair, from Olamar Interiors. The young client had some definite wants; lots of color, with no stylistic extremes — neither all modern nor traditional — and a place she could hang out with her friends where they’d all feel at home. It was important to have spots to curl up and chat or play games on her iPad; she needed a...

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  • Luxurious-Living-Room-by-Eduard-Caliman_03

    Luxurious Living Room Visualized by Eduard Caliman

    This living room, with its rich neutral palette and elegant contemporary styling, might be your dream room; so where does it exist? Well, that’s the surprise: it’s a visualization in 3-D, created by digital designer Eduard Caliman. As the Leeds-based Caliman explains, “I specialize in the creation of highly photorealistic computer generated visuals of interiors and exterior projects. My clients range from architects to interior designers and construction companies, but also other visualization studios.” So in reality…this room isn’t reality....

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  • Coventry-Place-South-Melbourne-JAM-Architects_02

    Prizewinning Respect for History: Coventry Place by Michael Jan Studio

    Sometimes the best-laid plans get an unexpected turn; that’s what happened when a builder intended to put two homes on a Coventry Place site in Melbourne, only to find that the house already there had historic value! That’s when he called in Michael Jan Studio, formerly JAM Architects, for help. The house was a prefabricated cottage, dating from 1852 or 1853, and had come to the site imported from Singapore; in the face of this, work began on restoring it...

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  • Transito-Maritime-Office-by-Eric-Kant_01

    Dutch Riverside Chic: Transito Maritime Office by Eric Kant

    In a unique combination of living and work space, this office with a “maritime” feel features a skybox apartment in bold, contemporary style by the Netherlands’ Eric Kant. Overlooking the Merwede River, part of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, it’s a soaring, angular design that allows for vistas of the river from almost any work space, features an airy, open concept, and presents a clean, uncluttered ambience thanks to tons of storage space cleverly camouflaged behind reflective-surface cabinetry. There’s no sterile feel...

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  • Glass-House-by-Nico-van-der-Meulen_01

    A Johannesburg Crown Jewel of Luxury: Glass House by Nico van der Meulen

    For a client desiring a “contemporary mansion” that provided an “informal lifestyle on a grand scale,” Nico van der Meulen’s design presents soaring volumes and high style. The home includes a small formal lounge with intimate conversational space, an open-plan family room, dining space for 20, and smaller breakfast room. Also part of this space are a kitchen with pantry; walk-in coolers; a lanai, bar, and indoor/outdoor pool; and a gym, billiards room, and home cinema. Smaller kids are taken...

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  • CZZ-House-by-Vanguarda-Architects_06

    Floor-Level Windows Make for a Unique CZZ House by Vanguarda

    Take a minimalist design; materials such as stone, masonry, and glass, and interesting angles and positions for windows, and you have this unique “look” in a one-story home from Vanguarda Architects. The home, made up basically of a “box,” differentiates spaces within and without by means of clever detail and floor-level glass that helps break up an unrelieved wall of stone here, affording a great backyard “bower” feel there. And, in an area where space is at a premium —...

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  • Bartow-Point-Drive-by-Rethink-Design-Studio_06

    Refreshed at the River: Bartow Point House by Rethink Design Studio

    Sit down, relax, and put your feet up; it’s no doubt the first thing that enters your mind when you see the homeowner doing just that in this traditional dwelling with deft modern touches by Rethink Design Studio. A Savannah, Georgia, family of four looked to update their riverfront home; with custom-designed furniture and clever use of the palette, Rethink has “rethought” the décor into fresh, clean lines and contemporary ambience. Case in point: the comfy lounge area, seen from...

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  • Nevair-Court-Highton-by-JAM-Architects_01

    Making the Most of a Slope: Nevair Court, Highton, by JAM Architects

    When you picture a perfect indoor/outdoor house in your dreams, it might well look like this Nevair Court family home in Highton, by JAM Architects. Overlooking Australia’s Barrabool Hills, the house is set on a steep incline overlooking the Moorabool River valley, terrain that presents its own challenges even without trying to accommodate north-facing views, outdoor living space, and a need for privacy! Nevertheless, this contemporary space has it all, from smooth modern lines to casual, neutral décor and no-nonsense...

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