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Turn your house into the best place for living, by getting all the inspiration you need for your home design. All design and decorating ideas for all rooms of the house are available, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Integrate the décor of your house using our great ideas on lighting, walls and floors, window treatments, DIY decorating ideas, and more. Know how to design your whole apartment, no matter what its space is, with our awesome apartments that show you all details. Big houses are also included here in order to show you how to design every room, as well as the yards.

  • Transito-Maritime-Office-by-Eric-Kant_01

    Dutch Riverside Chic: Transito Maritime Office by Eric Kant

    In a unique combination of living and work space, this office with a “maritime” feel features a skybox apartment in bold, contemporary style by the Netherlands’ Eric Kant. Overlooking the Merwede River, part of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, it’s a soaring, angular design that allows for vistas of the river from almost any work space, features an airy, open concept, and presents a clean, uncluttered ambience thanks to tons of storage space cleverly camouflaged behind reflective-surface cabinetry. There’s no sterile feel...

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  • Glass-House-by-Nico-van-der-Meulen_01

    A Johannesburg Crown Jewel of Luxury: Glass House by Nico van der Meulen

    For a client desiring a “contemporary mansion” that provided an “informal lifestyle on a grand scale,” Nico van der Meulen’s design presents soaring volumes and high style. The home includes a small formal lounge with intimate conversational space, an open-plan family room, dining space for 20, and smaller breakfast room. Also part of this space are a kitchen with pantry; walk-in coolers; a lanai, bar, and indoor/outdoor pool; and a gym, billiards room, and home cinema. Smaller kids are taken...

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  • CZZ-House-by-Vanguarda-Architects_06

    Floor-Level Windows Make for a Unique CZZ House by Vanguarda

    Take a minimalist design; materials such as stone, masonry, and glass, and interesting angles and positions for windows, and you have this unique “look” in a one-story home from Vanguarda Architects. The home, made up basically of a “box,” differentiates spaces within and without by means of clever detail and floor-level glass that helps break up an unrelieved wall of stone here, affording a great backyard “bower” feel there. And, in an area where space is at a premium —...

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  • Bartow-Point-Drive-by-Rethink-Design-Studio_06

    Refreshed at the River: Bartow Point House by Rethink Design Studio

    Sit down, relax, and put your feet up; it’s no doubt the first thing that enters your mind when you see the homeowner doing just that in this traditional dwelling with deft modern touches by Rethink Design Studio. A Savannah, Georgia, family of four looked to update their riverfront home; with custom-designed furniture and clever use of the palette, Rethink has “rethought” the décor into fresh, clean lines and contemporary ambience. Case in point: the comfy lounge area, seen from...

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  • Nevair-Court-Highton-by-JAM-Architects_01

    Making the Most of a Slope: Nevair Court, Highton, by JAM Architects

    When you picture a perfect indoor/outdoor house in your dreams, it might well look like this Nevair Court family home in Highton, by JAM Architects. Overlooking Australia’s Barrabool Hills, the house is set on a steep incline overlooking the Moorabool River valley, terrain that presents its own challenges even without trying to accommodate north-facing views, outdoor living space, and a need for privacy! Nevertheless, this contemporary space has it all, from smooth modern lines to casual, neutral décor and no-nonsense...

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  • Lurline-Bay-House-Denai-Kulcsar-Interiors_08

    Contemporary House with Stars: Lurline Bay by Denai Kulcsar Interiors

    In a splendid mix of whimsical nature-themed motifs, contemporary art, and red, white, and blue stars, this Lurline Bay house at the south end of Sydney, Australia, shines with the unique touch of Denai Kulcsar Interiors. From its terraces to its open-air living space, the feeling is light, airy, and unfussy; with predominantly white walls as a gallery-like backdrop, the elegance of antique dark wood furnishings, basketry, ceramics, and a gorgeous patterned rug in the dining room all work together...

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  • Ronan-by-Nico-van-der-Meulen_01

    High Style in South Africa: Ronan by Nico van der Meulen

    A sprawling white mansion sits in dignified glory behind a sliding wrought-iron gate, its multiple-peaked roof a great complement to the open sky, as you see Ronan by Nico van der Meulen for the first time. Listed under van der Meulen’s “traditional” homes, nonetheless this house is far from stodgy or uppity in its approach. There’s undeniable luxury here: from the curved stone drive to the elegant portico over the garage (for the few instances of inclement weather in this...

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  • House-Coogee-Rolf-Ockert-Design_01

    Successful Maiden Voyage: House Coogee by Rolf Ockert Design

    House designs come from different sources; this house sprang from a party conversation that led to a client hiring Rolf Ockert Design on one of its “maiden voyages” as an independent entity, and personal rapport between architect and client went a long way toward its success in these truly stunning results. Fun-loving themselves, the clients wanted a house that would provide lots of light, air circulation, and killer views. This led to this design, centered around an internal courtyard that,...

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  • West-Broadview-by-KZ-Architecture_01

    A Florida Beauty on the Bay: West Broadview by KZ Architecture

    Located in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, this 5,800-square-foot home has something for everyone in a soaring, expansive design by KZ Architecture. Divided into separate “wings,” its front entrance is sheltered by an overhang from one wing and is edged with not just planted beds but a lily-covered pond. Indoors and outdoors blend here, with the favorable Florida climate and a waterfront location greatly abetting the owners’ enjoyment of open-air spaces and panoramic views. With cozy, low-slung furniture, a sitting room/lounge...

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  • Crescent-by-Chris-Barrett-Design_01

    Part Brit, Part Aussie in Beverly Hills: Crescent by Chris Barrett

    Besides being truly a house to dream of, this home is a splendid mix of what is called “classic elements of British Colonial architecture…infused with Australian influences,” on the site of the interior designer, Santa Barbara, California’s own Chris Barrett Design. This home in Beverly Hills houses a large family, and they have plenty of space to spread out: take a look at the entry foyer, with its magnificent staircase, and you’ll get a hint of the sumptuous style awaiting...

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