Home, Present and Future: A Kuki’o Estate by Dara Rosenfeld Design

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Do some things about this dwelling on Kuki’o Beach look familiar? That’s by design: the owners wanted a home that future generations could appreciate, so they integrated elements of time-honored styles in it, with the help of Dara Rosenfeld Design. What they got was a traditional home with British Colonial and Campaign design, positioned in a gorgeous tropical setting — truly the best of not only several worlds, but of several generations. All 10,000 square feet of this house’s custom design make use of colors inspired by nature, Asian artwork, and the priceless treasure that handcrafting brings to any environment — while at the same time bringing the best of contemporary style (witness the infinity pool) and luxury into the mix. Gracing the rooms are custom teak casework, lights, and accessories that form elegant backdrops and accompaniments to mahogany furnishings.

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With an easy indoor/outdoor access through glorious wood shutters, the space is ample for a crowd — family and friends alike. Dining tables that seat 12, plus cushioned chairs at a kitchen island, assure everybody who shows up for a feast has a place to sit. Bedrooms exude comfort in grand style, with elegant four-posters and terraces that offer spectacular views. Tucked into one alcove is a small office — private enough for work, but still connected to the main living area (notice the partial walls!). And, to take maximum advantage of the balmy breezes and abundant sunshine, the home includes outdoor seating areas beneath teak roofs and surrounded by lush green lawn. It’s a relaxed approach — note the hammock to one side — as well as a sublime, substantial estate for family, present and future.

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