How to Choose Colors for a Vintage Decorating Style

If you are interested in the vintage decorating style which is very trendy this year, but your problem is that you can’t find the right colors to match with this modern old style; here are some tips to help you. For a vintage style, shades of pink and faded colors are essential. These authentic colors inspired by the old English walls and wallpapers of the eighteenth century are perfect for a retro look for the house. Wallpapers offer a huge variety of retro & old patterns (colorful flowers, graphics…) in faded colors to the delight of old furniture lovers. Combine the elegant classic atmosphere in your interior with an attractive vintage decoration and distinguished furniture. For furniture, sofas in antique leather in black or brown remind of the atmosphere of old English clubs; comfortable yet authentic. An antique leather chair, a lacquered console and an antique table will bring an elegant vintage look and will delight fans of old furniture by giving the home a style full of charm. Recycling furniture also can complete the authentic look of your vintage decoration; leather, wood, metal and chrome are going to bring a mixture of prestige & originality to each room of the house. Collect decorative objects having a vintage style like cushions in faded colors and antiquated patterns, plaids, chrome lamps to add a cozy, charming and retro ambience while keeping on the stylish & unique look of your interior.

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