How to Create a Laundry Room in the Basement

If you are lucky enough to have a garage or basement in your house, don’t waste this opportunity to create a laundry room; you will get a separate room dedicated for washing and ironing. If you are interested to learn more about organizing a laundry room in the basement, here are some keys to make life easier. Basically, the laundry room used to be a small room adjoining the house in where the laundry was done. It was then protected from the weather for washing and also allowing the laundry to dry indoors without bringing humidity inside the house. Today, some houses still have laundry rooms but remember that you can easily install one in a room that is not provided for this purpose. Garage and basement spaces are preferred because they are rarely exploited at their maximum. On the other hand, these rooms are resistant to vibration of machines and their floors are resistant to small floods. In the laundry area; the first thing you need to place is of course the washing machine. And if you have a dryer, consider putting it next to the machine in order to limit your movements and make it more practical. Similarly, place the laundry basket close to both of them. To save time, choose a laundry basket partitioned so that each part of it be dedicated for a certain kind of laundry (delicate materials, white, colored…etc). If you don’t have a dryer, be sure to provide a clothes’ line to dry clothes naturally. Finally, get an ironing board with your iron to finish all the washing & ironing process in one place. For storage, you can store in the laundry room all linens (sheets, duvets, towels …) and seasonal clothing such as ski suits for example. For better organization, rank the storage according to their contents, you will find what you need easier. Finally, remember to make this place a pleasant area that will make you forget the boring laundry time; choose a comfortable piece of furniture and decorate the room with accessories that you like such as decorated and personalized storage boxes.

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