How to Give a White Living Room a New Look

This post is dedicated to those whose living rooms are entirely decorated in white and they now feel that this very white decoration begins to be boring. If your white living room seems cold or too white for you which makes you uncomfortable; it’s time to enter some colors into your interior! You can change your too white living room appearance and give it a totally new look with a few touches of colors to add a chic & refreshing ambience while keeping on its white base. If you are interested in this idea, follow this post to find out many decorative ways that can help you. I agree with you that a totally white decoration turns quickly into a boring one, however, we must admit that white is a very practical color in terms of its ability to match with all other shades & tones which make it still a very popular decorating color. It’s actually easy to change the look of a white interior decoration through simple ideas while it may be harder to change the look of a colorful room decoration. Here, we’ll show you two different ways to make your white living room look more dynamic & cheerful. The first way is the easiest one which depends on changing the old look by changing the accessories; it means playing on the small keys that make the great difference.

In this way, we are going to keep on the white base as the dominant color and we will enter colors in simple yet impressive details like curtains, carpets, cushions and other decorative items which will add to your living room a very delightful look in a moment and totally change the old boring look. This solution is a very practical one because, as you know, changing those details is easy to do, not expensive, doesn’t require big effort and the most interesting advantage is that you can change those accessories whenever you want so you get a totally new look every season for example… which seems perfect! But sometimes, those few details aren’t enough and you are ready to do some big changes; and here comes the second solution. This way depends on changing the white look of big items like walls and furniture while keeping on white in small accessories and few details. In this field you have many alternatives; you can paint one wall in a bold color for example contrasting with the rest of the white walls and then add the same color or maybe other hues that match with it in the furniture. Another interesting idea is the wallpaper which can refresh your living room wall easily, also the wall stickers which are very easy to apply and remove besides being available in a huge variety of designs & colors.

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