How to Throw the Best Outdoor Party of the Fall

When the hot weather abates, outside beckons, making this the best time for an outdoor party. How do you prepare? No doubt, you have a good idea who will attend and what you will serve. How will your place look and feel? This post will help you think about that. A successful al fresco party requires outdoor space that is comfortable and attractive. Add furniture so that everyone can sit. Wood is a good choice, and it can be chic and casual. Rattan is another natural choice; a sofa with colorful cushions adds comfort and energy. If you want to go modern, use L- or U-shaped sectionals and chaise lounges. Your décor must be natural. If your outdoor space isn’t already planted, rent planters and vases with shrubbery, other greenery, flowers, or combinations of flora that suit your design, and place them strategically. (Don’t forget a floral table decoration.)

Track lighting is a great solution to controlling ambience—lighter areas for food & beverage service, lower light for conversation, and very dim light for dancing and other activities. If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, clean it up and let it enhance your party. It will be cozy, especially if the evening grows chill. Decorate it using rocks or stones, if you think more greenery won’t work. If you have a swimming pool, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to light it dramatically, maybe with floating candles or spotlights. Finally, use special table service and beverage cups/glasses; find table covers and napkins that coordinate with your theme. Make your outdoor space inviting, comfortable, and festive, and you will have the best party ever.

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