How to Turn a Hoodie into a Laptop Bag

Hoodies haven’t always had the best press, which is a shame. As a utilitarian item of clothing, it is ideal. It is also practical and multi-purpose wear. However it seems there is even more to the hoodie than actually meets the eye, and that is not as a piece of clothing. Somebody, somewhere, had one of those ‘eureka!’ moments, and the next thing you know, you have a bag for a laptop. How clever is that? Thanks to our friends at WikiHow we are able to demonstrate to you just how easy and simple it is to convert a hoodie into a very useful laptop bag.

1- First of all lay the hoodie out on a clear flat surface with the arms stretched out.

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2- Lay your laptop across the upper chest area of the hoodie, in a central position.

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3- Bring the bottom half of the hoodie up and wrap it round the laptop like a cocoon, ensuring all edges are covered.

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4- Bring the hood down, and then slide the covered laptop into it, tucking in all the edges.

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5- Flip the hoodie and laptop over.

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6- Tie the drawstrings of the hood tightly together to secure the laptop in place.

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7- Knot the sleeves of the hoodie together to create a carry strap.

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8- Slip the carry strap onto your shoulder and then you are all set to go!

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This is an ingenious idea, especially when you want to make sure your laptop is securely and safely wrapped up. In addition, when out and about, it is far less obvious you have a laptop on you, which is great for your personal safety. Once again thanks to everyone at wikiHow and keep your eyes peeled for other useful tips and ideas from Stylish Eve.