Impeccable Condo, Manhattan Style: The Charles by David Collins Studio

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What has been tapped as the “first full-floor tower concept of its kind in New York City” is The Charles, at 1355 First Avenue (in the toney Upper East Side) with interiors designed by London’s David Collins Studio. As the designers explain, “Set apart by its exceptional design and concierge service, The Charles integrates traditional elegance with amenities and features essential to a contemporary lifestyle.” Indeed, “amenities” are what these fabulous condos are all about: residences, one per floor, treat owners to a prime location from which to enjoy the best of everything, plus splendid views. Ranging from 3,100 to 4,500 square feet, these magnificent dwellings feature master suites with dressing rooms, spa baths with imported marble, white oak flooring, and expansive windowed walls.

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“David Collins Studio is delighted to have been commissioned to work on this project with such a strong creative team, and we are very excited to have our Manhattan residential debut realized in The Charles.” So says Simon Rawlings, David Collins Studio’s Creative Director. He goes on to say, “The building has been designed with a strong European influence in a tonal palette of blues, greys, and lavenders, highlighted with restrained use of golds and silvers for a feeling of classic elegance.” Smoothly modern, spacious, and luxurious in every detail, The Charles is already being called a “jewel” in one of Manhattan’s most storied and prestigious neighborhoods. With its subtly rich palette, its cozy courtyards of greenery, its spacious and fully-equipped fitness center and private pools, The Charles is a perfect venue to show off the Collins Studio’s trademark “class” to New Yorkers with panache and flair.

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