Infinity Pool Edge, Finite Space: Mooloolaba 1 Project by 4Blue Pools

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One thing that Australian Sun Coast pool designers and artists 4Blue Pools want to put in every project is a “Wow factor” — something that, when you look at it, makes you say, “Wow!” In this Mooloolaba project, the “Wow!” happens when you gaze out on the infinity pool edge: it looks as if, with one plunge from the wet deck, you can swim clear to the ocean! But even beyond that “Wow!” factor, you’ll see others — such as that raised stone-clad wall with a water spout feature; you can probably easily see yourself sitting beneath that lovely cascade and letting it melt all your everyday troubles away. Of course, the best “Wow!” factor is a happy customer, and the owners of this property weren’t shy about telling the world how happy they were with 4Blue Pools’ work.

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In their words, it was “nothing less than stunning.” As you look at the images here, you can tell the pool is installed in a very small space. This presented its own tricky aspects, as the owners state: “The positioning of the pool in our small backyard was a challenge from the start. Most of the excavation rubble had to be removed from the ground by the smallest ‘devil’ (mini bob-cat) and then taken by wheelbarrows to the street.” The ambience of this pool is enhanced by skilled landscaping — big, beautiful palm trees for shade, paired with colorful grasses and flowers that lend their own color to the gleaming water — and solar heat that enables the owners to use the pool all year ‘round. It’s a “Wow!” in so many ways — Mooloolaba by 4Blue Pools.

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