Infinity Pool for Avid Sun Lovers in Armadale by Serenity Pools

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Photographed by Patrick Redmond Photography, the Armadale project was conceived and completed by the Australian based design firm, Serenity Pools. The antithetical agnate of Murrumbeena, Armadale provides a generous undertaking for the designer and builder.

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This enormous property with its proportionately sized pool shows us that a delicate touch is not lost on this adventure. Looking up the height of the water feature, the effect of the infinity edge is quite apparent.

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It goes without saying that such a capacious pool craves an area for avid sun worshippers. To that end, the canopy over the sun deck area is coated with a seal that prevents over exposure to the sun rays. Teak colored wood slats provide for cooler temperatures on the touch, and utilizing Euro Aluminum adjustable chaise lounges in a redder stain pairs excellently with the round metal vertical wire accent tables.

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As it was meant to do, our sight sensory reacts positively to the dynamic impression of the infinity edge pool. The true blue tiles patterned on the base of this above ground reflecting pool repeatedly echo the charcoal gray tiles on the frame, and the rock garden encircling the water feature collects the runoff liquid and funnels it through the drainage system underneath.

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The rectangular and square designs of the decking, hot tub, and pool areas affirm the geometric form of both the house and concourse completing the endeavor.