Inviting Yet Private: Noel Residence, Sarasota, by Jonathan Parks

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On a lot of slightly over two acres, this 3,200-square-foot home in Sarasota, Florida, came under the purview of Jonathan Parks, Architect, for what the architect calls “achieving the perfect balance of openness and intimacy.” Even better, it’s an energy prize winner, earning the Florida Power and Light Gold Star certification. The energy rating was earned with nontraditional construction materials; the major focus of the home, however, is for the owners to have a minimalist space equally suited for living and entertaining. In an effort to separate “public” and “private” spaces, the design brought in architectural dividers; to unify the dwelling, the designers employed light, form, and repetition. Now, the floor plan is open, spacious, and flexible; sunshine and citrus colors of orange, lime, and gold give a lift to a basic neutral palette.

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You get a definite feeling of expansiveness here, from the shimmering pool and pure white deck through the open-air spaces of living and dining rooms. Of course, these areas are easily closed off with sliding doors; to fulfill the owner’s desire for privacy even further, the house is deliberately positioned so it faces not onto the busy street, but onto the pool terrace. Tall, waving palms and shrubbery create a secluded haven in the yard without being obtrusive or forbidding. And, although the home is certainly contemporary in its square corners and spare furnishings, those lines are softened with greenery that frames the windows and sets off the entrance. By night, softly glowing lamplight within reflects off the water and echoes a panoramic sky above…an intimate setting for any occasion by Jonathan Parks.

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