Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier has presented his fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. Gaultier has shocked all his fashion show audience by presenting a gamut of wacky, yet elegant & glamorous fashion trends.. In that collection, Gaultier has tried as much as he could to mix between the wacky streetwear and luxurious cloth pieces to create a luxe-wacky collection. To prove that, Gaultier has used different textured and pinstriped fabrics besides the pure & solid ones. That’s besides using a group of rich fabrics like; velvet and leather.. Besides that mixture of fabrics, Gaultier has also relied on using a collective group of colors that have aided his idea in a great way. For example, Gaultier has mainly used black, brown, green and grey, of course besides other colors. In fact, Gaultier has mixed between those colors in such a smart way! From those creatively chosen fabrics and colors, Gaultier has been able to present stunning fashion trends that any man with a high sense of fashion & style, yet boldness would wish to wear!! The most seen and glamorous pieces in Jean Paul Gaultier fall/winter 2012 menswear are the pants.. Gaultier has presented brick-wall printed pants and regular pure, untextured or printed pants. Besides the various styles of the pants, Gaultier has also presented camouflage kilts. On the other hand, Gaultier has also presented knit sweaters which come with turtle necks & zippers, and overcoats. Gaultier has also presented various styles of jackets which have bounced between weirdness and elegance. That’s besides including different styles of vests. To prove his wacky and luxurious theme, Gaultier hasn’t used silk lapels as usual in any tux jacket, but instead; he has used the corduroy lapels.  Gaultier has presented other wacky, stylish, modern and elegant fashion trends, besides those last mentioned ones! In my point of view, despite that Gaultier’s presented fall/winter 2012 men’s fashion trends are wacky, but they’re irresistible, eye-catching and glamorous. They shall attract, or may already have done that, many men with different ages! Whatever I say, I won’t be able to describe such a stylish collection. So, I’ll leave it to you to judge it by yourself. You may exceed the boundary of judging and get yourself one piece or may be more of Jean Paul Gaultier fall/winter 2012 menswear collection, wear it and shock everyone with your wacky, yet luxurious fashion sense.

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