Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Jil Sander fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has proven to the whole world that nothing is much more elegant than black as a color nor leather as a fabric.. I’m saying so because the collection has been full of black leather items.. When you take a look at that collection, you can’t prevent yourself from saying “black, leather, black, leather & black, leather” and then you can go to take a nap and get up to find the rest of the items are black & made from leather too! Despite that the collection has been full of black and leather, the designer of that collection, who is Raf Simons, used other fabrics like wool and other colors like green and camel colors.. Before getting much deeper to know what are the stunning and glamorous, yet elegant items that Jil Sander fall/winter 2012 menswear collection included, you have to know an important thing! Too much words, aren’t they?! Anyway, the important thing is that the designer has created that collection to suit all men regardless of their ages and jobs! So, whether you’re a businessman or just an office nerd, you can find what suits you in that collection. I think now is the time to reveal some of the glamorous items that Jil Sander has included! So, let’s go! One of the most seen, yet elegant & eye-catching items that the collection has presented is the coats. Simons has presented the greatcoats which have been terrific, handsome and so stunning. Besides those handsome greatcoats, the designer has also presented the longer line coats which either have been cinched or hanged straight, and the peacoats. Besides those various, yet elegant styles of coats, the collection has also included parkas which were stunning! Their shiny leather look made them appear in the most stunning and glamorous way. The collection also included sweaters which have been made from either leather or wool. Some of those woolen ones have been presented in a very childish and funny, yet stylish way, as they’ve come with either whale, fish or dinosaur motifs. By the way, those ones are the only items which haven’t been presented in the black color! Can you imagine that?! Those last mentioned sweaters have been paired with elegant tight-legged pants. Let me not forget to tell you that the collection has also included elegant pristine shirts and sculpted suits which have been made from either leather or wool! From the coats to the suits, you can’t say that there’s an item which is less elegant or stunning than the other! I think that Jil Sander fall/winter 2012 is one of the most elegant, glamorous and eye-catching collections that have been presented during Milan fashion week. With such a collection, men from all ages shall appear in their best suits and be so warmed up too!!.

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