John Richmond Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

John Richmond has tried all the possible and impossible ways to fuse the following together; the British tradition, the mixing country chic, the sartorial and rock n’ roll elements in his new released fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. You can say that John Richmond succeeded in doing so, and he’s created a very stylish, yet elegant collection. Richmond has relied on using a combination of colors that shall aid the main idea of his collection. For example, when you take a look on John Richmond fall/winter collection, you can see the following colors; black, off-white, white, brown and purple besides other colors. On the other hand, Richmond has been very diverse in the fabrics used. In that collection, you can see fur, leather and snakeskin besides other fabrics.. John Richmond has been able to use those fabrics and colors in such a creative and smart way in order to produce the stylish and glamorous fashion trends for the fall & winter seasons. One of the most elegant and stylish items that John Richmond collection has included is the suits. The collection has presented various, yet elegant styles of suits like; pinstriped and slim cut suits. You have to know that some of the presented suits’ jackets have been grafted with the skeleton-profile prints specifically on the top lapels!. What a look?! I can say that it’s sort of a bold and totally untraditional look! Besides the suits, the collection has also included topcoats, fur coats and zipped coats. All of those coats have very elegant and classy, yet modern looks. Other items that the collection included are the jackets; like pea jackets, biker jackets, textured jackets and suit jackets. That’s besides knitted sweaters, blazers, leather vests and shirts which have been presented either with textures/prints or without. All of those last mentioned items have very stylish, elegant and eye-catching looks. That’s besides that they’re so warmy. Then, I can tell that the men with John Richmond fall/winter fashion trends would look in the most stylish and elegant. That’s made me say the following to all men; ” Enjoy being stylish and warmed up with John Richmond fall / winter 2012 collection!”

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