Jonathan Saunders Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Jonathan Saunders has revealed his fall / winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan fashion week. Jonathan Saunders got inspired in this collection by the Sixities dandies and their elegant colors and textures.. Saunders has relied on using a diverse, yet elegant combination of colors.. Besides that, Saunders made use of very easy-to-use and warmy, yet elegant fabrics like; angora wool, rayon and jacquard.. I think now it’s time to take a look on the items which have been created using those fabrics and colors, isn’t it?! So, let’s go! One of the most elegant items that the collection has included is the topcoats.. Some of those topcoats have been made from angora wool while others have been made from textured fabrics. Both of them have very elegant and stylish looks. Besides topcoats, the collection also included belt coats which have been mainly presented in two-tone colors. Specifically, the sleeves of the coats have been in chocolate brown while the rest has been in dark blue. Besides the coats, the collection has also included pea-jackets, four button suit jackets and soft quilted jackets. Saunders has also presented knitted crewneck sweaters which have been presented in various shaped motifs and have been made of rayon and angora wool.. Besides all of those elegant and sort of retro items, Saunders hasn’t forgotten to include elegant suits, specifically the snug-fitting jacquard suits with a blurry, blue & claret zigzag motif. From the coats to the suits, you can’t pick an item that has been more elegant than the other. All of the fall / winter 2012 fashion trends released by Jonathan Saunders have the same level of elegance and glamor, yet vintage & modernity!! In my opinion, that collection is one of those collections that you can’t miss or let pass without getting yourself a piece or two to put in your wardrobe!So, hurry up & do so!.

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