Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

With his new released fall/winter 2012 menswear collection, Junya Watanabe has proven to the whole world that his fascination with the American workers doesn’t have an end! In his fashion show, Junya has taken care of each detail to prove that fascination from the models he’s used to the fashion trends he’s presented! Concerning the models, Junya has used a number of models who have looked like they’ve come directly from the factories, farms or any handy working environment to the runway! On the other hand, Junya Watanabe has used a diverse collection of colors. He’s combined between the dark & bright cheerful colors. Junaya has also made use of the same materials and fabrics which have been used to create the worker’s clothes for many years! Anyway, let me take you from the colors and fabrics’ world of Junya Watanabe fall/winter 2012 fashion trends to the main items that have been presented on the runway.. Junya Watanabe has presented soft plaid shirts, slim suits, denim peacoats and loose-fitting jeans.. Junya has decorated some, if not most, of his presented items by leather patches.. For example, Junya has decorated his slim suits with leather elbow patches.. Besides that, the patches have been also used with the peacoats.. In fact, Junya has been very smart in using the patches, especially the leather ones as they’ve helped him a lot to express his fascination!! You can say that Junya Watanabe has made everything that would ensure that fascination. None knows when that fascination of his shall end?! So, let’s wait for his next menswear collection, shall it have another different theme?!! Anyway, now I’ll tell you “Good Byes” and leave you to watch that fascinating and stylish American hard worker’s fashion trends.

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