Kate Middleton Hairstyles 2012

Yes, my dear ladies! Exactly like the title tells you, today’s topic is going to be all about how Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge has worn her long hair since the start of 2012 till now. Aren’t you glad to hear, i mean read that? Of course, you’re! I’m pretty sure that many of you are like me have a total crush on Kate’s hair. Actually, who aren’t?! Anyway, let me start our topic and that’s by mentioning the hairstyles worn by our young, gorgeous Duchess this year. Or tell you, I’m not going to do so! Instead, I’m going to let you start it by asking the following question; ‘Which hairdos come across your minds when you hear the name; Kate Middleton?!’. Huh, give yourself an opportunity and think for few minutes! I do imagine some of you are currently saying; ‘the down dos’. How smart are you? Definitely, they have been of the most worn hairstyles by Catherine this year. And like usual, she has worn the curly and wavy down dos which have had so soft, feminine and attractive look.

The second hairdos that you can definitely see the wife of Prince William wears this year are the half updos which come in stunning and glamorous styles. I have to tell you that you can definitely add the word creative to these words at least from my point of view. If you don’t believe that, let me describe them! Most of us know that the half up half down hairstyles are just the result of combining the ponytails and down dos, but Middleton has changed that idea! She has replaced the ponytail part with a knot or twist which has made these half updos look awesome and eye catching. In fact, I love them! I have to tell you that Catherine has also styled her hair in a different way which may not be so far from the last mentioned hairdos. Specifically, she has pulled it up partially! I told you not so far, but it has given her fabulous and alluring look.

In addition to all of the last mentioned hairstyles, Kate has surprised, stunned and charmed us by wearing a super, super and yet another super elegant, chic, glamorous, stunning and true eye catching updo. Specifically, she has worn a loose bun which has been embroidered with the braids. I know it’s so rare to see the Duchess of Cambridge styling her hair in that way, but it’s happened! By mentioning that hairdo, I have to tell you that unfortunately we’ve reached the end! That’s why I’m going to tell you goodbyes and wish you a great, fascinating look!!

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