Kate Middleton Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics

Consider yourself a true, passionate fan and follower of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton? Yes? Then, I have to tell you that you’re definitely the one whom i’m targeting today. As today’s topic is going to be all about how our beloved duchess has worn her shiny, beautiful long brunette hair during her attendance at London 2012 Olympics. Caught your attentions, didn’t I? Of course, I did that! So allow me to start telling you the most worn hairdos by Catherine during that international ceremony. Actually, I’m going to do that by asking you a question. Yeah, a question, consider that I’m testing how much you know about the gorgeous duchess! Anyways, the question is ‘What are the first hairdos that definitely come across your minds when we mention the name of Catherine Middleton?!’. I do imagine that some of you are currently saying; ‘the half up half down hairdos’, right? Unfortunately, I have not seen her wearing them in any Olympic day. But who knows? Maybe, she are going to wear them in the remaining days.

Okay, if she hasn’t opted for the half updos, then which ones she’s worn?! Actually, most of the times, Kate has opted for wearing the down dos which you know of her favorites too. To be specific, she has worn the curly and wavy styles which have given her the usual stunning, charming and attractive look. Besides the flowing hairstyles, she has also sported the ponytails which have had very casual, carefree and stylish look. Just it! Yeah, my dear ladies, those are the couple of hairstyles that Kate Middleton has sported during her glamorous attendance at the 2012 summer Olympics. I know that many of you are going to say; ‘too few!’. Truly, they’re, but who cares?! The most important thing for any true follower is how much stunning and gorgeous his / her beloved star appears?, at least that’s how I think.

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