Kathryn McCormick Hairstyles

Watched ‘Step Up 4: Revolution’ movie? Actually, what a question! I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have done so. Also, I’m sure that most of you have been taken by the great dancing, yet acting talents of the young star Kathryn McCormick. And I guess that some of you have decided to follow her after that moment, right? I know, It’s expected! Since we know that, we decided to present to you a lookbook of the hairstyles worn by our talented contemporary dancer through her quite short career life. Like usual, we’re going to begin the first page of our lookbook by saying a few important things related to our star’s hair. The first thing is that her hair has been always brunette since her appearance till the recent days. I don’t remember that I’ve seen her wearing a blonde or even black hair, do you? If you do, tell me! The second thing is that it has been either long or medium and has never been short, but who knows what the upcoming days hide?! Okay, these’re the only things that I thought you need to know.

So let’s start reading the second page, I mean mentioning the hairdos worn by McCormick. Whatever you call it! When you take a glimpse at our lookbook, you can figure out that the down dos are like the most worn hairstyles by the stunning actress. For your info, most of her down dos have been either curly or wavy. But of course, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t opted for the straight styles. No, my dear ladies, she’s worn the different styles of the flowing hairstyles and all of them have stylish and sexy looks. Besides the down dos, the ‘So you think you can dance’ star has also opted for sporting the half up half down hairstyles which have soft and sweet, yet alluring looks.

The next hairdos worn by Kathryn are,,, or tell you what…I’m going to let you tell me what they are. My precious readers, think and tell me. Think how a woman whose hair is either medium or long wears it?! Okay, stop it! Ponytails are the next hairdos that you can see in the dancer’s lookbook. She’s been seen wearing different styles of them as; the low, high, mid height and side swept. Another thing that you need to know about these ponys is that some of them have been tidy while the others have been carefree, but all of them have had that fabulous and eye catching look. In addition to all of the last mentioned ‘dos, the ‘Step Up 4’ starlet has been seen wearing the updos for a couple of times or maybe, more! Actually, I can’t specify how many times she’s worn them, but I have to tell you that they’re not so many!

I guess that mentioning the updos means that we’ve reached the last page of our lookbook. Yeah, my precious ladies, we’re about to say goodbyes just after I tell you the usual important tips! The first one is to remind you to take your facial details, hair nature and fashion style in your considerations, if you’re about to imitate any of the last mentioned ‘dos. The second tip is to tell you that among these hairstyles, there’re some that you can wear on any school, college or any other casual day and there’re others that suit any formal occasions. Whatever the sort of occasion you’d wear them at is, be sure that you’ll catch all the eyes like our star or maybe more. Who knows?! I think that now is truly the time to say goodbyes!

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