Katy Perry Hairstyles 2012

If you are looking for edgy but elegant hairstyles to sport, you won’t find better than those ones worn by the famous and super stylish singer Katy Perry in 2012. I know that some of you are going to say; ”What’s the new thing? Her hair has always looked on the same way for long time”. Woman, definitely i know that! But you may say that this year its edginess and elegance, yet glamour has increased. Its edginess has come from the colors it has been dyed with. As at the start of the year, it has transformed from the pink to blue color and recently, it has been dyed dark purple! What a transformation, isn’t it?! On the other side, its glamour and elegance has come from the different ways she has dressed her long and medium hair.

Medium hair has meant nothing for Katy this year but different styles and lengths of the bob haircuts. Specifically, she has sported the blunt, layered and choppy bob cuts and styled them in various ways such as; straight, curly, wavy and crimped as well. On the other side, having a long hair has meant sporting various sexy and elegant dos. One of the sexiest and stunning long hairstyles that she has sported is the loose flowing hairstyle. Most of the times, she has added either the loose curls, soft or vintage waves to her hair and let it flows on the shoulders. Also, she has worn the cute and soft curly half up half down do. Once, she has sported it with a diamond headband which has given her more glamour. Besides the couple of dos mentioned above, Perry has also stunned her fans by wearing different styles of the elegant and chic high ponytails. For example, she has sported the looped, sleek straight besides looped, crimped high ponytails. Also, she has sported the straight side swept, yet high ponytail with braided loop being as its elastic band.

In addition, she has wowed and caught the eyes of her fans and followers by wearing different styles of the updos which range from the modern and stylish to retro and classy ones, but of course the hair color has made them look sort of edgy like I said. One of the glam and chic retro updos worn by her is that chignon with flipped and pinned bangs. Can you imagine the look of that hairstyle?! Super creative, untraditional and classy as well. For your info, that’s the only style of chignons that she has sported and you can see that by yourselves when you take a look at her pictures attached below. Plus those elegant chignons, she has also sported different tidy buns and casual loose top knot.

Concerning the tidy buns, you need to know that the only difference between one and another is its placement. I mean one have been placed high, on the top of her hair while the another one has been mid high while the others have been low. Just it, those are the hairstyles that Katy Perry has worn since the start of the year till now. Of course, if I know that she are going to sport a newer one than those, I’d directly write about it to keep on the same track with her. Consider it a promise or deal, okay?! Now, there’s nothing for you to do more than taking a look at those hairstyles, pick the one that suits your face shape, hair type and fashion style then go out and glam and stun everyone around you with your edgy and elegant copycatted Katy Perry hairdo! Wish you tons of joy and glamour!!

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