Keeping Work Areas and Stuff In Order from Herman Miller

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Work spaces and storage options have changed a lot in recent years. The folks at Herman Miller understand this; as they put it, they attempt to “balance contemporary solutions with those introduced years before.” It’s certainly true that technology has dictated some differences in work furniture — ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and the like. Nevertheless, some timeless classics endure. Herman Miller goes on to say, “Designs from the past offer a versatility that still gracefully meets modern challenges. Together, they solve problems.” What are the problems? Maybe we’d be better to call them “challenges” — and a big one is the increasing number of people who simply don’t work in an ordinary “office” at all; they work on a mobile or virtual basis with no “home base”, save for their actual homes. But that challenge has been successfully met here, with some creative options usable anywhere.

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Now, you can find a wide range of “desks” — from simple white steel furniture with wood accents (as in the Steelcase option) to foldable tables that can be “desks” anywhere they’re set up. Some have “cubbies” for organized souls who like everything in its place. Some are little more than tables and chairs set up in whatever arrangement we need for a collaborative setting — or one small table and chair in a work niche. The same goes for storage: no longer are we limited to industrial-gray metal files. Now, we can choose from multi-drawer cabinets, different drawer depths and sizes…and finishes, from rich wood grain to laminate, or enamel colors all over the rainbow. Whatever your workplace and storage needs, you can find cabinets and desks that fit the way you work today; these are only some examples of what’s out there.

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