Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles 2012

Ladies, let’s admit that she’s looked more elegant, fashionable and sort of sexier this year than before. Right?! Yeah, she might have looked that way, but let’s also admit that her hair has been the most eye catching part of her whole looks! I can imagine some of you are saying; ‘For God sake, whom are you talking about?!’. Lady, you don’t have to shout and you can easily find out by reading the topic’s title! Yup, we’re going to talk about how the lovely star Kelly Osbourne has worn her hair since the start of 2012 till the recent days. Like usual, we’re not going to start our topic directly. As at first, I have to clarify some important points regarding Kell’s hair. The first point that you need to know is that her hair has been seen on both of the medium and long lengths this year. Why did i say that her hair has been the most eye catching part?! I said that because of its colors! The young star’s followers and fans already know that her hair has been dyed by bold colors like the gray and light purple. That was the second and last point that i needed to clarify. So let’s begin our presentation, my dear readers, starting from the next section!

Do you remember how many times Osbourne has worn the French twists before?! You don’t? Okay, consider that they’re X times! And to them 2, 3 or maybe 4 other times of this year! And i guess with that number I can call our beloved star by the name ‘Elegant French Twister!’. Let me tell you that all of the French twist hairdos that she’s sported this year have had so elegant, glamorous and of course, eye catching look. Also, she’s sported both of the low and mid height classic buns which haven’t given her a less elegant, spectacular or sexier look than those first ones. Besides, she has been seen wearing the top knots which have had so fashionable and fabulous look. How else has the TV presenter updo’ed her hair locks?! Mmm, give me time to remember! She’s been also seen wearing stunning styles of the messy updos while attending some events. Kelly has also sported other hairstyles besides these different styles of the updos like; the ponytails. Some of her ponytails have had that tidy and elegant look while the others have looked carefree and stylish. For your info, her ponys have been either mid height or high and she’s not been seen wearing low one, at least based on what we saw during our search trip! The English fashion designer has also charmed us with the sweet, soft and alluring half up half down hairstyles that she’s worn this year.

Can you imagine that Osbourne would forget to wear the down dos?! Of course not! She’s worn the down do hairstyles which have had fabulous and eye catching look. But you need to know that most of these down dos have been curly, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not opted for both of the straight and wavy styles. Another thing you have to know about these flowing hairstyles is that some, if not most of them have had that volumized or let’s say bouffant look. Just it, ladies, we’ve reached the last page of the 2012’s lookbook of Kelly by mentioning these latter hairdos. Despite reaching the end, we’re not going to say goodbyes now! Why? As I’m going to mention some tips, then I’d go! The first tip is to remind you to put your facial details and hair type, yet style in your own mind, if you decide to copycat any of the last mentioned hairstyles. Another thing that you need to know is that among them, you can find the ones that you can wear at a school day, wedding, or other places and occasions. Since that that’s the last tip, allow me to tell you goodbyes and wish you great day!

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