A Kid’s Room that’s Both Rustic and Bright: Room F by Nidi Design

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This cheerful room’s likely to delight a lot of children — and their parents — for different reasons. But that’s what Italy’s Nidi Design has been doing for years: giving kids furniture and room plans they can love, with materials, colors, and function their parents can live with as well. Here, in the room Nidi calls “f,” we see an ensemble based on Nidi’s “Woody” collection, accented by accessories in such hues as “tomato.” The basic palette is neutral — a hue Nidi calls “hemp” — and forms a great backdrop for anything a child wants to bring into the room. Shelving units and tall cabinets hold clutter out of sight, while enabling the child to organize it at the same time — behind those doors are drawers, cubbies, and racks for such things as toys or craft supplies, shoes, and clothing.

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The “Woody” collection gives this place a laid-back look that invites relaxation and play. But when it’s time to work, there’s space for that, too — a wide, white-surfaced work table can accommodate two kids’ small projects, games, or homework with ease. Of course, there’s a spot for kids to sit on the floor— with a bright rug and big pillows for comfy lounging, watching TV, or listening to music. Games and exercise equipment can be stashed in a handy wood grain storage bench with a soft cushion top; beds are low to the floor and covered with easy-care fabrics. It all adds up to a place that’s cozy, private, and kid-friendly — “f” from Nidi Designs, one of many kids’ domains that bring smiles to families the world over.

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