Killer Views from Any Angle: Noosa 3 by 4Blue Pools

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This Noosa (Australia) water spot is tagged as a pool “with it all” — as the folks at 4Blue Pools put it, “a pool, spa, and a killer view.” Let’s talk about that “killer view” first, because it has an intriguing, not to mention whimsical, element to it: notice the wall on one side of the pool, right above an expansive wood deck that runs the length of the water? Yep, the wall itself gives the owners a “view” of a landscape in microcosm, painted on the white backdrop in an ingenious way to add “foliage” without taking up deck space with planters! In this narrow back yard, that idea is not only practical but fun. It’s a great segue to the actual, literal “killer view” from the infinity pool: an expanse of ocean reflecting lights that sparkle like stars.

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That infinity edge is what 4Blue Pools calls their “wow” factor for this project. In reality, it’s a tough call which is the better view: the landscape beyond — you have to love those majestic palms surrounding the site — or the bright, airy home that shimmers in the pool’s surface from the other side. Beneath the cantilevered roof, the al fresco dining area is separated from a quick swim only by an unobtrusive glass wall; looking at just the right angle, you can almost “lose” the white stone deck in your field of vision and imagine stepping directly from the living area into the water. It’s all about the view here — in more ways than one — and the designers are right: it’s “killer” good.

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