Kitchen Facelift in a Lakefront Home by Carla Aston Design Studio

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This lakefront home had a kitchen and breakfast room that needed a facelift from its dated 1990s-era look; enter this fresh, airy treatment by Carla Aston Design Studio. As the designer explains, “Glossy small tile, dated wall covering and window treatments, tired cabinetry, [and] mauve solid surface counters and splash were out.” And, of course, the redo presented a few challenges: the backsplash had awkwardly placed outlets and switches, solved by adding color to camouflage ones that couldn’t be easily moved to reduce potential visual “clutter.” To complement the owner’s dark granite, Aston added interesting detailing — legs and paneling on the island, and brackets and seed glass panels to some upper cabinets. The designer even reused and reupholstered existing furniture, including repainting bar stools!

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The corner fireplace was next — a feature that was a bit “lost in the shuffle” until it was covered in floor-to-ceiling travertine and became, as Ms. Aston calls it, a “star.” Neutral marble in the shower, with clear glass doors, could have made for a ho-hum effect — except for that nice black-and-white tile accent in the middle of the back wall. Two high windows provide plenty of natural light in the bath, while a third window over the deep tub is discreetly shaded. The true “star” of this home, however, is its beautiful view, which was highlighted with additional skilled use of color on window frames and curtains that don’t get in the way. The result? The homeowner was so pleased that she hired Carla Aston Design to do more work on her home at a later date!

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