Kitchen Islands for Stylish Interiors

Very trendy & up-to-date; the kitchen island became a very important element in the contemporary kitchen. Inspired by the old country kitchens, the kitchen island is now a sign of modernity & functionality. In this post, we are bringing you a very attractive collection containing a big variety of kitchen islands to fit in each interior designing. Not just associated to large & luxury kitchens, the island is now used in all kitchen sizes and layouts; you just need to know how & where exactly to put it in a way that keeps the practicality and the style. The kitchen island, being a very functional part in the modern kitchen, is able to save space, serve as a multifunctional piece and bring a trendy look to the place. In a large kitchen, you sure don’t have a problem as the space is the major problem usually facing interior designers, so to add an island to a wide kitchen; all you need is to choose a nice place and a to match it with the rest of the kitchen’s style, as for utility, you can use it just as a workplace or equipped with appliances and storage units; it’s up to you. But in a small kitchen space, the island must be considered as a space saver furniture; it can be the place for preparing food, storing kitchen tools and dining at the same time. In small kitchen layouts, we find that the island exists to solve the space problem not to increase it; so in this case you can’t just place it for the look without a functional utility, try to achieve a maximum benefit from this piece by adding to its interior some drawers or hidden storage cabinets, also by equipping it by one or two functions like a stove or/and a sink for example and most of all try to use its worktop as a workplace while preparing food and as a dining table or even a small breakfast area. This solution is excellent for small apartments where the kitchen island can be a dining table and a room divider separating between the kitchen and the living area.

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