Kristen Stewart Hairstyles 2012

Yup, ladies! Exactly like the title is telling you, today’s topic is all about how the talented actress Kristen Stewart has worn her long hair during 2012. I know, I know, some of you may feel that it’s just another topic that comes in a bad timing and nothing more! Before we involve in a discussion or something, let me clarify some points for those who don’t know what’s going on between us and why did i say both bad timing and another topic?!. Firstly, nothing is going on, it’s just an imaginary discussion between me and some of you! Secondly, the word ‘another topic’ only refers to that topic in which we’ve talked about how the gorgeous Katie Holmes has worn her hair this year and seemed to be like hot spot for some of you. Thirdly and lastly, I said bad timing because all of us have heard that the superstar has cheated on her boyfriend and ‘Twilight’ co-star Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders who is the director of her movie ‘Snow white and the Huntsman’. I know it’s truly and heartbreakingly shocking, but really what’s the real reason that may prevent us from talking about the glamorous, yet diverse hairstyles worn by her this year? Actually, nothing and that’s why we’re going to do it starting from the next section.

Since the year’s start till now, Kristen has worn a truly stunning, amazing, fabulous and eye catching, yet various styles of the updos. And of course, that’s thanks to the creative and famous celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel. She has appeared wearing creative and glamorous braided updos. Between you and me, there’s among these braided updos, there’s a one that I admire so, so much and I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone. What?, I didn’t say which one I’m talking about! Sorry for doing so! I’m talking about that one which combined between a folded braid in the back of Krist’s hair and top knot. Can you imagine it?! Heartbreakingly stunning and beautiful! Let me tell you that there’s another one which combined between the twists and braids in so creative way. If you want for more details about these couple of braided updos, then wait till the end and take a look at the attached pictures below. Actually, that’s what i recommend! Also, Stewart has worn quite different styles of the buns. Some of these bun hairdos have had sort of casual and stylish look and some others have had sort of vintage and classy look while the others have combined between the classiness and stylishness!

The ‘Twilight’ starlet hasn’t forgotten to wear the ponytails this year. And like most of the stars, she has worn them in different places either the formal or casual ones. That means that some of them have got that tidy and elegant look while the carefree and stylish look, but all of them have agreed on being eye catching. Besides the ponytails, she has been seen wearing a braid which have given her a beautiful and sexy look despite its simplicity. By the way, prepare yourself to see the word ‘braid’ again among that section or maybe the upcoming one. Till now, you have known that our beloved star has updo’ed her long hair, tied it in a ponytail and braided it, right?! But what about the flowing locks and down dos, hasn’t she worn them?! Women, how come you ask that question?! Of course, she has worn the down dos which are known as her most favorites! She has worn the straight and loose curly down dos besides both of the soft, beachy wavy ones. You have to know that she hasn’t forgotten about her love and fascination of sweeping the most of her long hair locks aside which gives her fabulous and sexy look. Let me tell you that one of her flowing hairstyles has been accented with a braid, but don’t think that it has been added at the front, side or back of her head like mostly done! No, no and yet another no! In that hairdo, some of her hair locks have been braided and flown down on her shoulder. What a look?! Creative and unexpected, isn’t it?!

Can you imagine how much she’d look like, if she has worn a slicked back hair?! Super sultry, stunning, elegant, eye catching, right?! Actually, that’s how she’s looked like while wearing them. Yeah, ladies, Kristen has worn the dry slicked back hairdos which is proving that she’s coping with the latest trends, i guess that it’s not right to say coping instead i have to say creating them! Whatever, I’m sure that you, my dear readers know what i mean. Anyway, I have to tell you that we’re done and now is the farewell time! But the bright side that we’ve few minutes which I’d use them to tell you one thing in a hurry. That thing is if you like any of the hairstyles worn by Kristen Stewart in 2012 and are about to copy it, you’ll have to remember to do so in a way that suits your face shape and hair type. For sure, there will be no harm in adding your personal touches to it! Now, I’m going to tell you goodbyes and leave you to get inspired! Don’t forget that I wish you stunning and amazing look in anywhere and at anytime.

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