La La Vazquez Hairstyles

“Oh la la, you’re so pretty and hot!” Sorry, this sentence isn’t for you, my precious readers, at all! For Whom? It’s for the sexy and gorgeous American star Mrs. Anthony. Yippee, ladies, we’re going to introduce to you a lookbook of the hairstyles worn by La La Vazquez, or aka La La Anthony, through her career life. Before anything, you need to know a couple of important things regarding her hair. The first thing is that it has been either long or medium. I don’t recall seeing her wear short hair, do you? The second thing is that it has passed over different colors through the years: dark, blonde and ombre. For your info, the dark long locks have been like her favorites, as she’s worn them most of the time!

Now let’s begin the action, dudes! Vazquez has opted for sporting different styles of down dos for many times during her career life, from the straight and curly to the wavy ones. Of course, all of them haven’t been less than superhot, spectacular and eye catching! Both ponytails and half up half down dos have been among the most worn hairdos by La La over the years and they have had very alluring and sexy looks. Okay, there’s an important thing that you need to know concerning the first ones: our beloved actress has sported the high, mid height and sideswept styles of ponytails.

The ”Two Can Play That Game” actress has worn diverse styles of updos, such as top knots and chignons besides the bobby pinned and braided ones. Let me tell you that all of these updo hairstyles have given her heartbreakingly beautiful, fabulous and sexy looks. Can we ever present a lookbook of Mrs. Anthony without mentioning the half shaven hairstyle with two buzzed lines sported by her once?! Of course not! I’m pretty sure that her true fans and followers know exactly the haircut I’m talking about. If you don’t know it, you can simply scroll down and take a glimpse at the attached pictures below to see it! Oops, I forgot to tell you that the talented star has been seen wearing a sideswept classic braid, which had a spectacular and sexy look.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you that all of the last mentioned hairdos were long. So what about the medium ones? Okay, let me tell you that Vazquez has been seen only once wearing a medium layered haircut, specifically a shoulder length one, and it was nothing but eye catching and fashionable. That’s it, my precious readers! You’re absolutely welcomed to pull off any of the last mentioned hairstyles and wear it. Just don’t forget to keep your face shape, hair texture and personal style on your mind while doing so. Also, you need to remember that we’re wishing you a gorgeous, spectacular, sexy and eye catching look anywhere and at any time…

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