Large Antler Chandelier by Jason Miller

The creative designer Jason Miller presented recently an amazing collection of chandeliers reflecting clearly his passion for Antler Chandeliers.  Antler Chandelier by Jason Miller describes his own vision in modifying the traditional rustic Antler Chandelier to be modern and up-to-date. The collection contains many glorious chandeliers looking very prestigious but contemporary at the same time. Made of pure white ceramic; it reflects the simplicity of the modern style, while the forked design is keeping the charm of the classic style. The beautiful forked design is also reflecting the designer’s inspiration by nature specially the tree branches. Once the chandelier is lighted, it looks awesome because the elegant ramified design creates a blend of direct and indirect lighting which gives a very charming atmosphere to the place. They are available in 6, 12 or 24 antlers and you can choose between many different colors. A large Antler Chandelier from Jason Miller is very expensive, it can cost around 5-6k$.

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  1. I love the western and the rustic look. A country decor look with antler lamps and chandelier is a great idea for that southwesterndecor that brings to life the old west.They are classy and elegant in style, and still gives the tridition of the west, and makes any room comfortable and wonderful to look at.

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