Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2012

When would she stop catching my eyes and charming me?, would she have that glamorous and stunning look forever?,,, etc. There’re like million questions are flowing in my head right now and that’s all because of her! I sense that you’re about to say ‘Who is she?, whom are you talking about?’. Readers, I’m talking about the cute and charming Lauren Conrad. Before you ask me the next question, I’m going to tell you what happened to me and why am i making that noise?! Since the beginnings of 2012 till the recent days, she has had that stunning, sweet, gorgeous, glamorous and eye catching look everywhere she’s gone to or appeared in. I’m not exaggerating, she has got that look from her head to toes. Definitely, you’re so smart to know that this long introduction leads to one thing which is today’s topic is going to be all about the hairstyles worn by her this year! So enough bla-bla (of course, from my side!) and let’s start! But like usual, I’m going to say few things about them before starting. Yup, ladies, another mini introduction! Look below and you know those things.

The first thing that you have to know is that Conrad has kept on her shiny and sexy long hair and never opted for cutting it at least for now. To know what the second thing is, let me ask you a question. That question is ‘Have you ever imagined Lauren with a pink hair?!’. Either your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, I have to tell you that this year you can see her having that hair! Yup, ladies! She has stunned and wowed us all with her dip dyed pink hair. Actually, what a look?! But after doing so, she has returned to her soft and nice blonde or ombre hair and that was the second thing. The third and last one is that the hairdos she wore this year are quite few. Now, let’s make the actual start! Wearing a loose flowing straight or wavy hair is what the famous TV personality, actress, fashion designer and also writer has done this year. And like usual, all of her flowing hairstyles either the straight or wavy ones have had gorgeous and alluring look.

Besides the flowing hairstyles, she has been seen more than once wearing the ponytails specifically the mid height ones. You need to know that some of these ponys are straight while others are wavy. You may say different styles, but the same soft and nice, yet eye catching look. Yet another thing you need to know is that among these ponytail hairdos, you can see her dip dyed hair. Besides wearing the ponytails, the shiny star has sported the pigtails specifically the braided pigtails which have given her sweet, girlish and alluring look. Also, she has worn both of the classic and fishtail braids which have had an awesome and definite eye catching look. Let’s revise which hairstyles we’ve mentioned till now, okay? Okay, we’ve said ponytails, braids and down dos, right? Of course, but have we said buns or updos?! Nop! Actually, that doesn’t mean that she’s not opted for them! The famous reality actress hasn’t forgotten her love and fascination of the high buns this year and worn them more than once. There’s no need to say that they have given her so stylish and gorgeous look like usual.

In addition to the high buns, she has charmed us with the elegant and glamorous bobby pinned updos she has worn in the different occasions. Let me tell you that she has tended to add more hotness and stylishness to one of these updos by adding a sweet loose braid at one side of her head. Just it! These are the hairdos that Lauren Conrad has worn during 2012 and as you can see, i mean figure out that they all are sexy, glamorous and stunning. Of course, they’re not that way because I said so, but because they really have that look. Anyways, allow me to tell you goodbyes now and go to continue my adventures of searching for the hairstyles worn by other celebrities whom you love!

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