Les Hommes Fall Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Les Hommes fashion house has revealed its fall/winter 2012 menswear collection during Milan fashion week.. That collection has been one of the colorful, yet elegant and glamorous collections that has been presented for the fall & winter seasons. The main designers of that collection are Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch. Both of them tended to create a sort of creative, fancy and elegant collection. To do so, Tom & Bart made an imaginary world wide tour and presented that in their collection! Briefly, when you take a look at that collection, you can notice that it contained many pieces which have been known as the classics of many countries around the globe!! Since it seems to be an interesting and rich collection, let’s prepare ourselves to discover it! The first aspect that we’re going to discover is ‘what are the colors used?’ The answer of that question is very simple, why? At the beginning, I’ve said it’s a colorful collection which means that it is full of colors. The two creative designers have relied on using the bright & eye-catching colors like; mustard yellow, orange & light gray, side by side with the dark & elegant colors like; black and brown. In fact, those colors have been used in a very creative and smart way. Enough talking about the colors and how elegant and eye-catching they’ve been, and let’s move to the next aspect which is ‘what are the fabrics that the designers have relied on?!’ Tom & Bart relied on using diverse, yet elegant and luxurious fabrics like; leather, lean velvet and wool. By now, we’ve discovered the fabrics & the colors, so nothing is left except to reveal some of the elegant and fancy items that the collection included! Prepare yourself for being surprised and wowed! One of the most elegant and classy items that the collection included is the well-cut tailored suits. Besides those elegant and formal well-cut suits, the designers have presented another elegant & formal, but untraditional style of tailored suits which are the sleeveless suits! Can you imagine how they look like?! Okay, let me explain to you! Instead of consisting of jackets and pants, they consisted of well-cut tailored vests and pants. Besides the suits, the collection also included topcoats which have bounced between formality and stylishness, yet elegance! The designers have also presented bomber jackets, puffer jackets with leather sleeves and velvet jackets.. That’s besides knitted sweaters with either V-necks or turtle necks and Peruvian sweaters. From the coats to sweaters, they’ve been paired with either leather pants, tight-legged pants or pleat-front pants. Besides all of those stunning, fancy and elegant items, the designers have presented very elegant and creative styles of scarves like; quilted scarves and Peruvian Scarves. So, you can say that the designers have taken care of each tiny detail that could add more and more glamour and elegance to the man’s look. That’s what made that collection one of the most catgut collections that have been presented for the fall/winter 2012-13, at least from my point of view!! Anyway, now we’ve finished our discovery tour of that collection and meet you in another time to make another tour!.

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