Lighthearted, Colorful Luxury Home from Rob E McQuay Architects, Utah

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Can it get any better than this? From the curved-edge pool that looks like it has its own waves, to the view of the interior of the house through shining, two-story windows…It’s not surprising that this home, designed by Rob E McQuay Architects and Associates, made the 2009 Parade of Homes in Southern Utah. Not that being a Parade home is something easily defined: “Our goal is always to make a home unique,” says McQuay. “A lot of people will go to the Parade of Homes and say they want that exact house, but we stress that it’s important to choose what they want to make a home their own.” Uniqueness is exactly what this home exudes — as well as a lighthearted spirit that’s infectious.

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An undeniably Southwestern influence marks the kitchen, with rustic wood cabinetry and native-inspired art on both the floor and the chairs. Colors are bright — reds, blues, yellows — and patterns are active, for an atmosphere that says “fun.” Whimsical stair railings look like branches, complete with leaf accents; colorful posters and terraced seating make a home theater feel like the “real thing.” In the bedroom, outdoors blends with indoors in the beamed ceiling, stone fireplace, and sliding glass doors to a private balcony; the open plan of both levels, along with the curved façade of the main floor, leads invitingly to relaxing times around the fire pit. In its entirety, the Johnson residence is a shining gem in the Utah desert — a splendid project of McQuay quality.

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