Livable Small Space on a Rooftop in Antwerp by Dennis T’Jampens

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Picture an apartment of 110 sqm (a little over 1100 square feet) and you’ll get an idea what dimensions Dennis T’Jampens had to work with when he designed this dwelling, “Hopland,” at the top of a building on Antwerp’s “Stadsfeestzaal.” If that doesn’t sound like a lot of room to work with, you’re right: it’s not. But the treatment of this space makes it feel not only functional and practical, but roomy — partly due to the expansive shelving that gives the occupant’s library a home, in addition to serving as an anchor for the work area and desk. Facing the living room/seating area are a cozy fireplace, entertainment center, and even some storage shelving, set into the wall without impinging on the clean overall lines of the residence.

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In the bathroom, reflective surfaces around the tub and expansive mirrors over the twin sinks seem to increase the available area. Both in the bathroom and living room, recessed lighting eliminates the clutter that can come from too many lamps — although modern fixtures include welcome additional reading lights next to the couches. Décor is spare and bold in size: a large square pedestal holds an equally large plant, a sleeker look than a shelf of smaller pots. Efficiency is the key to making the most of the overall space, with a Dining table and chairs tucked into one corner of the living room, facing the sliding doors and balcony — a nice extra touch that, like the other careful details here, makes the apartment seem larger than it actually is. In the hands of T’Jampens, even this small space performs beautifully.

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