Living and Lounging Furniture that Doesn’t Just “Sit Around” from Herman Miller

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Do you live in your lounging room, or lounge in your living room? All kidding aside, if you had a “lounging room,” it might have some of the furniture shown here — furniture that can do double duty as lounge furniture, or a slightly more formal application in a living room. The Herman Miller folks put it this way: “As the lines blur between how and where we work and live, people are redefining their perceptions of what a space can be. This reality [was] remarkably envisioned in 1952 by George Nelson as ‘a daytime living room where work can be done under less tension with fewer distractions.’” Many of us do a portion of our work in what we normally call a “living room” for precisely that reason: more of a leisurely feel and fewer distractions. Here are some options for equipping that living/working/lounging space with furniture that plays multiple roles.

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Reclining chairs are a standard part of living rooms — but a sleek, streamlined white model is a whole new take on “reclining.” Paired with a dove-gray couch, it’s accented nicely by a furry rug; you can easily picture it as a favorite place to take in a ball game on TV. For open, modern living spaces, round stools with colorful cushions, paired with small round tables, are great for kids doing homework, Mom doing the budget, or anyone having a snack. Chrome-and-leather chairs can invite curling up with good books; no-nonsense square tables can suit home study sessions or hold popcorn for movie nights. The selections are wide and the potential almost infinite — limited only by your imagination, and what you need your “living/lounging” area to do…for tonight.

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