Lola Cosmetics Makeup Sets

Try this new Lola Collection make up sets, as they combine a lot of useful products all in one. One of the makeup sets consists of  two products that are : Lola Cosmetics Crème de la Crème 3 Tier Palette and Lola Cosmetics unwrapped 3 tier palette. They consist of an eyeshadower, a blusher and a lip gloss all in one. They also contain a wide variety of colors to go with any look and colours and that can suit every woman. The eye shadow shader consists of 6 different colours, also the lip gloss contains 6 different colors while the blusher section provides two different blushes.It is perfect for a fast makeup application and takes a very small space so that you can take it with you anywhere. The other makeup set is the Lola Cosmetic Sugar Lips, which consists of 3 lipsticks with different colors and with the lip brush that will give your lips a luminous sparkling look with great colors while hydrating your lips for the best look.

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