Looking Like a Million — or Seven: Hilltop Home by Safdie Rabines

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When you’ve got it, use it: that’s the approach Safdie Rabines Architects takes to this Rancho Santa Fe, California, hilltop home just north of San Diego. Designed to maximize the 360-degree views, its façade features four cascading rooflines with clerestory windows as a key — to welcome in both light and air. Despite its being nearly 10,000 square feet of space — a large house by any standard! — the rooflines make it seem to float, indeed, to soar, and that’s just the beginning of the light-as-air ambience here. Plenty of space to spread out? It’s got that: six bedroom suites, eight bathroomss, an office tower, a library, a den, and a media room — and that’s not counting patios, terraces, and a six-car garage. Its asking price? In the millions…not a surprise.

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But while the price tag on the house may be a bit steep, your energy bills here don’t have to be. Reverse rooflines “drain off” summer heat, while fresh ocean breezes sweep through the high windows. Conversely, in winter, southern-aimed windows are an ingenious source of passive solar warmth; even on cloudy days, hydronic radiant floor heating does the rest! Just in case you want a cozier atmosphere, of course, you can always light one of the 5 fireplaces; it’ll help keep you toasty while you whip up a snack or meal in the state-of-the-art kitchen. Soaring wood ceilings, beautiful “sunny” décor, travertine and imported teak floors, and a pool and spa — at your fingertips is everything you need for entertaining, either just the family or a crowd. Luxury, space, and efficiency: it’s all here in this hilltop house.

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