Lots of Pool, Little Space: Ninderry 01 by 4Blue Pools

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Look carefully at the pictures of this pool on the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia, by pool builders 4Blue Pools, and you’ll see that it makes the very most of a small area. The long, narrow back yard doesn’t lend itself to wasted space; therefore, there’s a pronounced slant to the pool floor that enables swimmers to get to “deep water” much more quickly than they might with more “elbow room.” 4Blue Pools always likes to include a “wow” factor in its work; this quick-change of depth might be this one’s, although it has to be said that mirroring the clean lines of the house’s architecture in the pool’s smooth style is also a sparkling plus. With its compact deck, it provides a great outdoor living and entertaining spot in a back yard that might otherwise be unremarkable.

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4Blue Pools has the owner’s convenience in mind; that’s what prompts solar heating, mineral-therapy sanitation, in-floor cleaning, and automated systems in these pools. But a great pool isn’t all about the nuts-and-bolts either: even though the space is compact, this pool still has room for a spa at one end, complete with waterspout. Roomy casual lounges tucked into one corner — not to mention a “floating” lighted bench at the other end! — give the owners plenty of space for friends and family. Leafy foliage surrounds the pool and deck, affording it both privacy and a touch of “green.” Fresh, sleek, and all you need in a great pool: that’s Ninderry 01 by 4Blue Pools.

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