Luminous Interior Designing Ideas

No more dark interiors! In your living room, kitchen, bedroom…etc. Give a beautiful sunny look to your interior by some simple ideas, take a look. Look at this beautiful large glass window occupying the whole wall; look how much it is bringing to the living room a very attractive and cheerful ambience even with black furniture. Transparent curtains are adding a stylish look without covering the sunlight. If you live in a loft, try to benefit from the ceiling by making part of it made of a glass window; this will allow the sunlight to enter and fill your interior by a very delightful ambiance. If you have a villa or house with a beautiful outside view, then you are so lucky; don’t deprive yourself from this outstanding view; you can make beautiful glass house facades that look so elegant & up-to-date and at the same time let you enjoy the sunlight and the pretty view inside as outside.

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