Luxurious Farmhouse: Belvedere Parade by Geschke Group

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The ideal meld of “farmhouse” style and Texas hill country home can be seen in this design from Geschke Group of Austin, TX. Inspired by Old World German architecture, the architects set out to convey that same warmth and solidity in contemporary terms; note the rustic look of the brickwork, the ample proportions, and its “sprawling” character. That being said, this certainly isn’t Grandma’s farmhouse — not with an infinity pool, cascading waterfall and “stream” in its back yard! Indoor/outdoor living also isn’t a part of old-fashioned farmhouses, but it’s integral here; wide glass doors enable a seamless transition between indoors and outdoor deck, while rustic wood pillars and roof overhead give you an undeniably old-time feeling.

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We suspect Grandma would feel right at home in the kitchen, though, even with modern appliances of cool stainless steel. At first glance, the kitchen island even looks like a farmhouse table, until you see the sink and work area on its other side and measure the height of the chairs! The open plan living/dining/kitchen area is 100 percent contemporary, while employing arched doorways and a high ceiling makes the room feel even more spacious. But certainly, we know Grandma never had a bathroom like this one, with its arched alcove holding a garden tub, granite-topped double vanities, and ceiling “pot” lights — although now, she’d probably choose it in a heartbeat. Who wouldn’t? It’s all part of a house that’s a perfect blend: traditional German “feel” and up-to-date Texas style.

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