Luxurious Reethi Rah Five-Star Resort, Maldives

This is a place that you would never regret going! Reethi Rah resort is definitely worth it, once you check its pictures you will understand that it includes everything you wish for. A perfect relaxing vacation that relieves stress and gives you a luxurious stay is definitely in Reethi Rah. Reethi Rah is found in Maldives in an atoll; it is made in a perfect design, and it is considered a tropical retreat that supplies you with everything you need. Reethi Rah resort offers only villas that all overlook the ocean and give you direct contact with the lagoon. What is a better feeling than getting out of your room while having the total view of the ocean in front of your eyes! A really luxurious idea is that villas have a deck over the ocean where mesh hammocks are attached and a nice table and chairs are placed to have a romantic meal while being surrounded by the ocean; the atmosphere will be amazing, day or night. Everything is natural, and villas are all build of wood using wood panels, and are covered with thatch which makes them really original and matches very well with the natural surroundings. Villas can have their private pool where chaise lounges or even beds are placed for total relief. The pools of the villas are isolated from the surroundings by the amazing trees and plants that surround the villa; this effect gives each villa its own privacy. Other villas are beach villas built by the sea with hammocks and chaise lounges on the sand to enjoy the amazing, fresh breeze and the splendid view of the ocean. Palm trees and gardens spread throughout the whole resort and make the place healthy and give you a comforting green ambiance. The resort is marvelous from the inside and outside; it’s all luxurious and everything is made for your desires and comfort.

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